A 501c3 non-profit life skills academy for holistic, emotional rejuvenation of displaced veterans, female veterans , active duty military, MST survivors and families of veterans



Silver Lining Villages is a self help life skills academy providing and teaching alternative stress reduction techniques, holistic services,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Theta Healing and other non-invasive stress reduction techniques for active duty servicemen and servicewomen and their families, as well as United States veterans.   We conduct United States veteran's retreats to help reduce stress, and teach non-medicinal coping mechanisms to help deal with the complex difficulties associated with war and military life.  We also conduct emotional freedom techniques classes and stress reduction techniques retreats for female military soldiers who have experienced and survived  MST (Military Sexual Trauma).  


With the understanding that most lower ranking military personnel are on food stamps, we also have a program to feed lower income people in United States designated Food Deserts, with our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  program  titled Silvy - The Food Desert Camel, through which we are targeting lower ranking military personnel first, along with low income people in these regions.  Silver Lining Villages is designed to address the emotional and substantive issues in our system regarding veterans and active duty military personnel, as well as the needs of low income people in the southeastern United States, as we create, encourage and execute new proactive ways to address their needs.

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Silver Lining Villages in conjunction with The Georgia National Guard, nominees for

The National Guard 2014 Military Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award!

Giving back peace, tranquility and direction to those who have given us so much!


Retreats for  Veterans, active duty military & their families dealing with post traumatic stress, military sexual trauma,

reintegration and combat related stress are available.   Please use the form below to contact us for more information!  

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