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Color Me Raw!

Angela A. Burrs is our new organic living blogger for Silver Lining Villages! She has been an Holistic Practitioner for several years and also has her Patient Care Technician Certification. Angela is also enrolled at the University of Sedona obtaining a degree as a Wellness and Life Coaching. After being healed from sarcoidosis in 2000 and getting off a bag full of medications in 2001, Angela now speaks to individuals, organizations and churches on the importance of nutrition in conjunction with healing the body, mind and spirit. Let's welcome her!

Hi, my name is Angela Burrs and the purpose of this and future blogs are to inform you about the importance of eating healthy, incorporating raw and cooked organic fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plan, foods that are good for your organs (liver, gallbladder, eyes, kidneys, etc.), reading food labels and how to avoid preservatives, pesticides and chemicals that are in and on our foods. We are a living organism that need living foods so let's take charge of our life by eating organic foods.

Please visit me at

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