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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

We use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in our group sessions, with individual sessions and on Skype.  The wonderful thing about  EFT is that we work with the client weekly and hit the major traumas in their lives over a six month period, but we also teach them to create the correct statements that will allow them to use it by themselves over a lifetime.  In this manner, even if they are in a traumatice situation 10 years from now, they will have the ability to limit the damaging effects of that trauma by using these techniques themselves.  This helps them improve their lives and the lives of their families throughout for years to come.  This is the primary modality we use because of this factor and its deep level effectiveness.

Inspirational Story

Veteran Arthur Boorman is beyond inspirational!  Please watch his story of how yoga helped him change his life, walk again, and lose a lot of weight!    It is all about CHANGE!  Which is available to all of us.  This video is about Arthur Boorman’s journey and his life before his transformational change.

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