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About Military Sexual Trauma – Taken directly from Make The Connection

During their service, both female and male Service members sometimes have upsetting, unwanted sexual experiences, including sexual assault or sexual harassment. Military sexual trauma or MST is the term used by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to refer to these experiences. The official definition of MST used by VA is given by federal law (U.S. Code 1720D of Title 38). It is:

Psychological trauma, which in the judgment of a VA mental health professional, resulted from a physical assault of a sexual nature, battery of a sexual nature, or sexual harassment which occurred while the Veteran was serving on active duty or active duty for training.

We have Military Sexual Trauma retreats for both men and women.

We are aware that some women in particular, do not want to be in a group with men who have also experienced military sexual trauma (MST). If you represent such a group, and want our services, they are available in gender separate groups. Please call for further information. If you’d like to attend our groups and retreats please go here for the schedule for MST (military sexual trauma) retreats.

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Military Sexual Assault and Trauma

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